Flight of the Rosy Starlings

Flight of the Rosy Starling Bird : Amazing Beautiful Birds Dancing

“This is really awesome. Wow What an experience.” These were my words when, I have seen flight of Rosy Starling for the first time in my life.

A Winter’s evening at Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar, A perfect Sunset. We were just returning from a wetland where we spotted few migratory birds. Then black tiny dots on the horizon, getting bigger and closer. A tornado of bird does something extraordinary. Like fireworks. I haven’t expected this. It was really surprising.

This is one of the finest winter offerings: flight of the Rosy Starling A starling murmuration.

I have seen lots of pictures and videos of Rosy Starling murmuration but never witnessed it in real life.

Amazing Beautiful Birds Dancing

Rosy Starling Bird Dance In Concrete Jungle

Migratory – Rosy Starling Bird

Rosy Starling bird, a migratory bird from east Europe marks the arrival of winter in India

According to Wiki, this bird is a passerine bird in the starling family, Scientific Name: Pastor roseus, also known as rose-coloured pastor or rose-coloured starling.

Migrate from east Europe across Southern Asia to the south. This bird is definitely a strong migrant and able to take that distant travel in winter to India.

Seen in large groups, pleasure to watch the huge flock doing dance. Also known as murmuration. Migrated in millions to spend their winters here, Especially at dawn and dusk these birds put up quite delightful show Researchers and scientists are not sure why this murmurations happen. But they have theories that suggest that this chaotic, yet graceful motion happens to confuse and ward off predators

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